why fire dog?

This adventure sprung from the crumbs of well-remembered breads of Europe. A French historian and Japanese anthropologist by training, we have always gravitated towards good food, simply prepared, wherever our travels brought us.

First, we baked out of a garage on weekends while teaching at the University of Oklahoma. After moving out of academics and back to New Hampshire, we baked out of the family kitchen and barn. Finally, with the support of friends, family and lots of great customers, we opened a retail bakery in downtown Keene.

Our goal is simple: make the best food we can for the community we live in. For us, this means baking with a ferocious commitment to flavor and freshness. We source our whole grains from New England farms and mill it in-house. Wild yeast starters, long fermentation, and blazing hot ovens create our signature rustic breads. We limit our batch sizes to make sure customers get our products at their peak. Our breads and pastries never see the inside of a plastic bag!

Creating great bread and pastry is mostly about commitment. Our process takes time, requires early mornings, and demands constant attention. With two young children it can be daunting! So why do we do this? Because we all deserve something exceptional in our lives, even if it is only a loaf of bread.